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Electronic manufacturing services circuit board layout, circuit card assembly. Frederick, MD & Nashville, NC

AC & DC power front end & bulk power for railway, datacenters, medical, broadcasting and hybrid electric vehicles

Fujitsu - Relays, connectors, touch screens, thermal printers, keyboards/pointing devices, bluetooth/WiFi wireless modules

Memory solutions provider of industrial embedded SSD solid state drives, Flash and DRAM memory module solutions
LCD's, high bright and value add solutions

Cooling fans AC or DC axial, impellers, blowers, high power, custom trays, weather resistant cooling, standard & modified solutions

LCD's and monitors for high performance and sunlight conditions

Deep drawn aluminum cans and transit cases, enclosures, assemblies, molded plastic carrying cases for industrial, medical, and Mil Aerospace
Manufacturers Represented
Offers over 3,000 cable for end to end transmission solutions for industrial, enterprise and broadcast

RF coax interconnect, fiber optic harsh environment interconnect, fiber optic rugged active transceivers and passive media converters, Mil/Aero circular, rectangular and DSub, Boeing certified Omega, solderless high speed interconnect, microwave cable, assemblies, and passive components, ModICE plastic enclosures, industrial connectors and Dsub.

Indicator LED’s for circuit boards, light pipes, panel mount & push button

Fuses, Ethernet Interconnect, MagJacks, AC/DC-DC/AC-DC/DC Power, eMobility power Magnetics, Smart Grid solutions

World leading innovator and manufacturer of EMI shielding products and thermal pads

Precision metals, forged, die cast, metal injection molding, 6 axis cnc, magnesium casting

Precision frequency control and data timing solutions

Edac – Standard and “made to spec” connectors and interconnect
Embedded System Solutions and Services
Components, Interconnect, Wire and Cable
25 Years of Excellence